balayage feastervilleSun-Kissed Hair Coloring in Feasterville

Balayage has been around since the 70’s, but it has not lost its following. This hair coloring technique is used to achieve natural, sun-kissed highlights and is extremely popular. The client perfect for Balayage is one who wants that beachy look, so let me tell you about this technique and it’s benefits…

Balayage is a hair coloring technique in the peace loving, sexy 70’s. It literally means “sweeping” and describes the sweeping hand movements a balayage professional makes when performing this technique. Unlike traditional foiling or cap highlighting coloring methods, balayage is done freehand. Some colorists with cotton or foil. No balayage specialist really uses exactly the same technique.


Balayage works best on natural hair but can be applied to previously colored hair. It’s a practical technique for people with short hair, optimal for shoulder length hair and beautiful on loose curls. But balayage is possible for all hair types. And it’s not just used for blonde highlights either. Balayage looks great on and with any color like soft brown or carmel and even red.

Balayage gives the hair dimension, movement and reflection of light which makes it look more natural. Especially after multiple balayage sessions, colors will really start to get a beautiful array of different shades. And although clients and people who want balayage usually don’t care too much about this, it’s also quite low maintenence and economical. Unlike other coloring techniques balayage doesn’t leave a solid line of demarcation, so it doesn’t look terrible if you go without for a while. That’s when it’s done by a good balayage specialist.


I recommend starting with two to three balayage appointments, spaced six to eight weeks apart, to really build dimensional color. After that, you can easily come in just once every few months to six months to maintain your color. Healthy hair is key, so don’t forget to come in for a trim every 6 weeks.

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