Hotheads Extensions

hot heads hair extensions feastervilleHotheads Hair Extensions are a highly innovative tape extension line that provides a beautiful and natural look without damage to your hair or hours of your time spent in the chair. I am certified in Hotheads Hair Extensions and very involved and experienced in the application.  This method uses 100% human hair and does not involve glue, beads, wefts, bonding or weaving. These hair extensions take about 2 hours to apply and are easily removed with a simple solution and leave the hair with minimal to no damage or breakage.  Tape extensions are the most comfortable, natural and seamless extensions on the market.  There is no matting, knotting, or tangling and they are affordable because you can reuse the hair 3 times.

I will consult with you on the most appropriate style, color and length for your hair.  Prices are based upon consultation and depend on length, color and density desired.
Re-application prices are a flat rate.

Maintanence is REQUIRED every 1.5 to 2 months to preserve the integrity of your natural as well as extension hair.  Re-application includes removing, re-taping, cleaning and re-applying extensions.


  1. Are Hotheads Hair Extensions Human Hair?
    A. Hot Heads Hair Extensions are 100% human hair.  This means the cuticle is still intact and the hair in the same direction, preventing matting and tangling.
  2. How long do Hotheads Hair Extensions last?
    A. Hot Heads Hair Extensions can last 6 – 9 weeks depending on the rate your hair grows, climate, hot tools exposure, etc. The hair can be re-applied up to 3 times.
  3. Can you create custom colors?
    A.  Yes.  There are a variety of Colors that can be mixed and matched to create multiple color combinations.
  4. Can you Curl, Iron or Blow Dry the extension hair?
    A. Hot tools are perfectly compatible with Hotheads Hair Extensions. The more heat exposure they have however, the sooner you will need to order new hair as the condition of the extension hair will slowly decline.  It is not advised to concentrate ANY amount of heat directly on the tape tabs as they will weaken.
  5. What kind of products can be used in the hair?
    A. You can use almost any product you would like in your new hair.  Sulfate free shampoo is recommended and conditioner is fine but do not apply to the scalp or near the tape tabs to avoid separation. Any products that contain alcohol, oil or ethanol are to be avoided around the tape tabs as well.
  6. Can regrowth be retouched with color while extensions are in the hair?
    A. Yes, however it is highly recommended that any color or regrowth touch ups be performed by a professional stylist to ensure the integrity of the tape tabs in the process.

Feasterville Hair Stylist- Dana Schoenberg